History of Titanium Series

29 years since Titanium Cooker was born
Although titanium products and titanium cookers are now well known in the market, they were not always readily accepted when they were first introduced.
I would like to talk a little about the difficulties of those days.


Launched the Titanium cooker

Launched the Titanium cooker.
Amazingly lightness made feeling “We made an amazing cooker!”.


Launched the F series
Launched the 0.3 mm series

Still in the middle of titanium diffusion.
The material, titanium, does not spread the characteristics of the material.
Many people say “It’s hard to cook!”、”easily burns compared to aluminum!”


Launched the Ceramic Coat series

Launch of Ceramic Coat Series with greatly improved coating durability and heat resistance. Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award from U.S. Backpacker Magazine.

We will never forget when we received the award at the OR Show.
We received congratulations from all the exhibiting companies,regardless of country.

Launched “Titanium 400 FD”(2007)


Launched “Ti Mug pot”
Launched “Ti Alcohol stove”

Alcohol stove made of titanium is launched due to strong requests in the U.S. market. A new type of alcohol/high-firepower stove has been developed.

it challenges traditional beliefs about alcohol stoves.= low firepower on its head.

Renewal of “0.3mm”(2013)



Gradually, the UL wave came to Japan.
Ceramic and UL sales numbers reversed.

Launched “Ti 570FD Cup”(2017)

Launched “TibiTibi sake cup”(2018)


Period of self-restraint due to COVID-19.(2021)

More time spent at home led to a worldwide outdoor boom.
From this year, EVERNEW began to produce all of its catalogs in-house. We began to speak our thoughts and concepts.

Review of the “Titanium” series(2022)

Changed the package design and lid of titanium products to a laser logo. We have made a major logo change in our 27th year.

Launched”Ti SOLO pot NH”(2023)