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Text:Kazutoshi Ota Photo:Ryohei Kawamoto

EBA561Miyama sleeping mat

The warmest folding closed-cell mat that mats out of all made by EVERNEW.NEW

The foam ratio is higher than that of typical mats to reduce weight, and the material itself has been adjusted to prevent slipping.
Radiant heat can be obtained because aluminum is deposited on the surface.
To further reduce weight, cut off and reduce the size itself. The width of each piece is about 15 cm, and six pieces are 90 cm, covering from the shoulders to the hips. If the width is adjusted to match the back length of the bag, it will fit inside the bag.

FP mat

FP mat

Compact mat which can be
packed in your backpack

FP mat don't absorb the undulation on the ground and make the flat space.

Besides, though you need to brave bringing an air mat to the outside of your tent, you don't have to be nervous not to blow it. You feel free to lay down outside of your tent.

It is the perfect thickness to pack in a backpack so you can store it on the back side as a frame for Ultralight packing. Available to pack with a small space and also enjoy outdoor, that's why people love this mat.

In winter season, you can use this mat as a booster by putting down under an air mat.

it is very attractive to use this mat under 200g, isn't it?

FP mat

Trail mat

Made in Japan and renewed
Trail mat

The previous lightness is gone, but what you get instead is sturdiness and comfort. The moderate firmness of the "FP mat" does not pick up unevenness in the ground, so you can sleep comfortably.

I think it's still light enough, though.

Trail mat

XPE Camp mat

It folds up neatly
so it fits easily

Foldable, compact, full-body sized closed cell mat.

Another feature of this mat is that it can be folded in different ways to make a pillow or used as a cushion.

XPE Camp mat