Alcohol Stove


Alcohol StoveAlcohol Stove

Text:Kazutoshi Ota Photo:Ryohei Kawamoto


Heating set for nesting alcohol
bottle into "Ti 400FD Cup"

This stove is made to pursue the ultralight and highly efficient result with in the system of "Ti 400FD Cup" It is available to use without a trivet and its weight is only 13g which is less than a half of weight of set of "Ti Alcohol stove" and a trivet.

It is available to boil 300ml water with 15mil alcohol within 5 minutes. With this amount, you can make an instant noodle.
With "Pre-Heating plate", you don't worry about knowing the timing of main combustion



Marked 13 years since
starting this stove.

The goal of this alcohol stove was to create the stronger fire which we have never seen before.

At that time, alcohol stove was less powerful and we took time to make hot water for one instant noodle. To be honest, we waited for such a long time to boil water even after the people who used gas stove started eating the same instant noodle.

This is the titanium alcohol stove filled with knowledge just for boiling water as quick as possible.


Everything you need to heating water in 400 FDBLUENOTE⁺stove



Text:Ryosuke Naka Photo:Ryohei Kawamoto


Nice shade, nice stones to sit on. Clear water in front of me.
Fish like char are swimming.
Such blissful moments.

The stove, windshield, lighter, pre-heat plate, and furthermore fuel bottle can all be nested inside the "Ti 400FD Cup". can be packed in a fishing vest or a small run-pack of 10 liters or less.

The development of the "BLUENOTE⁺stove" was a challenge to see how far we could do with such a small size, with the primary focus on accommodating the "Ti 400FD Cup".
We have repeatedly tried and tested the materials, structure, size of combustion holes, and position of holes, etc., to arrive at a specification that can boil approximately 300ml of water with a single injection of fuel (maximum 15ml).
Burning with a beautiful blue flame is a sign of highly efficient combustion.


"BLUENOTE⁺stove" is a side burner type that does not require a trivet.

I put the cup directly on the stove after it moves to the main combustion,It is sometimes difficult to judge the main combustion during the daytime when the flame is not visible.
In such cases, this is where the "pre-heating plate" comes in.

Pouring a small amount of fuel into the groove of the plate and igniting that cup can be placed without checking the main combustion.
(Depending on conditions, ignition can also be done after the cup is placed.)


Under 100g set

  • BLUENOTE⁺stove (EBY637)13g
  • Pre-Heating plate (EBY638)7g
  • Ti 9G Windshield(EBY653) 9g
  • Ti 400FD Cup(ECA530) 50g
  • mulTidish (EBY280) 13g Total 92g

Finally, under 100g the water heating set was completed.

The "NP Cooker Case 400FD" weighs 31g, and includes a 30ml bottle of fuel total weighs about 150g. it is about the weight of two eggs.


BLUENOTE⁺ flames

Some kind of JAZZY sounding product name

Just as a great jazz disc or a great performance has the power to change the atmosphere of a place, this little alcohol stove has the power to touch the heartstrings of its users.

Actually, BLUENOTE comes from the Japanese word for blue hands.
Because ten Blue flames spread like hands and caress the bottom of the cup.





Text:Kazutoshi Ota Photo:Ryohei Kawamoto

ECA623T0.3 triveTi

Ultimate lightweight
and compactness

Enjoy the craftsmanship of Tsubame's artisans.
Weight only 3.5g, approx. 10g or 73% lighter than "TriveTi

If you use solid fuel, you can boil water with this trivet and "Ti9g Windshield".

Can be stored in "Ti Demitasse 220FH" or "Ti Demitasse 220 NH".


EBY258Trive Ti

Combustion efficiency
and compactness

If you want to use it without worrying about the size of the POT to be placed on top, Definitely this!

It can be stored in a 400-size cup and is sized as high as possible to increase combustion efficiency.

Designed for not only alcohol stove trivet use as well itself.

A wide range of solid and gel fuels are available for use with this trivet.



The original cross-shaped trivet.

Here is the original cross-shaped trivet. Apparently, only a few people thought that the advent of the "TriveTi" had ended its role.

The original "Titanium Cross Trivet" is superior in terms of wide receiving range, and stability, so it continues to receive enthusiastic support as well.


Lightest FirearmsUltimate triveti


T0.3 triveTiT0.3 triveTi

Text:Kazutoshi Ota Photo:Ryohei Kawamoto

EVERNEW is finally releasing ourlightest-weight cross-shaped trivet !

Weight only 3.5g, it is 73% lighter (approx. 10g) than the conventional "Ti TriveTi". It is the fruit of Tsubame's craftsmanship.

With the creation of this "Ti0.3 Triveti", the weight of lightest heating set has been updated.

By using "solid fuel" as the heat source, hot water can be made with 3.5g of the Trivet, 9 g of the windshield, and 4 g of solid fuel, for a total weight of 16.5 g plus the weight of the cup.
It can be stored flat inside the "Ti Demitasse 220 NH" 30 g. By placing the "Ti9G Windshield" and solid fuel inside it, Finally, less than 50g heating set is created.

T0.3 triveTi

4g of solid fuel can produce
200 ml of hot water.

The smallest solid fuel (4g) heats 200ml of water.(It will not reach boiling point).

Two (8 g) will boil nearly 300 ml of water,so you can even eat instant noodles.

T0.3 triveTi

Importance of hot beverages

A hot drink to sip when you are too tired, too cold, or pushed to the edge is precious beyond words. This thankfulness may only be understood by those who have experienced it.

Whenever I have seen situations where people are unable to pass solid food through their mouths, but recover with a hot drink, I have felt the importance of a "lightweight and compact heating set."

We are proud that this new product will be an option as a backup in case of emergency.

T0.3 triveTi

Trnado flamerNEW


Trnado flamerTrnado flamer

Activate flameNEW

Based on HONOAKARI’s patented structure, it is designed to fit snugly into the MugPo500/FLAT.
The fins, carefully calculated and arranged using combustion engineering, swirl the flame to increase heating efficiency.
The swirling flame shifts the heat energy associated with combustion to radiant heat (blue flame turns into a luminous red flame), contributing to more efficient heating.
In addition, it suppresses the generation of CO.

Trnado flamer

Alcohol stoves more easilyNEW

No assembly required. Just pour in the alcohol and light it.Not even a trivet is needed. Three legs that are less likely to pick up uneven ground, welded together to prevent rattling, etc.
We have incorporated innovations for smooth alcohol stove operation.

Trnado flamer

It can be all stored in the MP 500 Flat.NEW

Ultralight. under 200g even if you put in alcohol.
Make and eat something warm for hiking,fishing,or teatime on an extremely cold outer rock boulder.

Trnado flamer




If you use an alcohol stove,
a "Windshield" is essential.

Alcohol flames are greatly affected by wind, so a windshield is essential for outdoor use in windy conditions.
At EVERNEW, we offer three types of windshields to meet everyone's needs.

EBY653Ti9G Windshield

For single use

Originally, it was "Ti windshield" shown below. With the birth of "BLUENOTE+stove," we have started selling it as a new product that can be used as a single piece without being combined with other products.

It can be assembled and used in a circle shape, but it is often used in a manner without a union.

The position of the triangular windows for air intake is changed according to wind conditions.

When there is a strong wind, the window is turned upward; when there is no wind, the window is turned downward to increase the supply of oxygen.



All for "Ti 400FD Cup”

To accommodate stoves that have both firepower and physical height, two windshields are used in combination.

For those who may not know, the case containing this "Ti windshield" is a respectable vessel that meets food sanitation standards and can withstand hot water at 100℃ .


Stove set


Stove setストーブセット

Use in titanium alcohol stove

Since the bottom of the stove is off the ground, there are benefit as following.

  • Less susceptible to the cold ground
  • More oxygen can be taken in.
  • Chimney effect can be expected.

It is truly a stand that maximizes the performance of the "Ti Alcohol Stove.

It is easier to use than the combination of "TI Alcohol Stove" + "GOTOKU" + "WINDSHIELD".

It is also recommended for biginners of alcohol stoves.

Stove set

Use in solid fuel

Set the " Stand DXPower Plate" at the bottom and place solid fuel under it and just ignite.
For the situation as "I just heating water, because today is daytrip. so, it's fine of solid fuel."

Stove set

Use in twigs

  • When you run out of fuel and are in a pinch.
  • When you feel wild.

Pinecones, birch bark, dead grass, dead branches…

and extend the fire's life by adding the pages of a paperback book you've finished reading.
It requires a little technique, but you can boil up to 400 cc of warm water.
※Do not use in areas where bonfires are prohibited.

Stove set