Trekking PoleNEW

EVERNEW Trekking Pole

Using stock sheltersNEWFor UL-oriented users


Celebrating its 100th anniversary,
EVERNEW trekking poles are renewed with the concept of
"lightweight and compact".

EBH501Johnnie Hiker / single

For you who love one-pole shelterNEW

We have eliminated all ornate decorations and reduced the weight of the product by narrowing down the necessary functions.
As a stock, this item is intended for horizontally oriented hikers who use it only for balancing.
Decorate it with your favorite sticker, and customize it into your own wonderful pole.

EBH502Johnnie Hiker / double

For hikers who choose a shelter to save weight and travel long distances with active use of a stockingNEW

We think you probably need a strap for your double-stocked and giggling progress, so we have an option for you.
so we have an option for you.
It is also adjustable in size for shelters, with a maximum length of 135 cm, allowing you to comfortably spend time at the campsite according to the scene and situation.
Light swing weight in the 140g range while having the strength to take your weight.
So even if you use it for a whole day, your arms will be much less tired!

EBH507M stick / CFRP

Carbon pole that can adapt to racingNEW

The folded size is just over 30 cm and fits in the width of the body, which is convenient for races.
Although the weight has increased compared to the previous model, the rigidity has been dramatically improved, so it can be used for normal mountaineering without worry.
The most important feature of this pole is that it can be stored compactly, so this pole is recommended for those who often travel by public transportation.